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~~I walked in the door at Integra with pain and no flexibility in both shoulders, and limited ability to golf. I saw lots of friends readily going under the knife to solve their shoulder problems and really wanted to avoid the costs, the pain, and the long road back. I started on a Physical Therapy regimen with Erik and started to notice incremental improvement, more importantly, I felt like I was in control of the situation, and started to have confidence that I could get better. My goal was simply to play golf and sleep at night pain free. As I started to do more and more in the gym with Erik, I moved into a Personal Training regime with Joe and now have strength and full function in both shoulders. In addition, I think I have a lifestyle change I can commit to, and had a full season playing golf pain free! I'd highly recommend Integra to anyone who's tired of living in pain, has limited mobility, or anyone seeking better health and fitness. Stop thinking you can do this on your own, because you can't. The best thing about Integra is the small private environment, personal attention, seamless and consistent transition from PT to Personal Training, and the knowledge of the staff. Thanks guys, I couldn't of done it without your knowledge, help, and dedication!

Joe B.

~~In a word: Swag. So I admit it…..I messed up. I had decided to run the Summerfest ½ Marathon but I just never got around to doing the training. So I ran it…. cold….and had a good day…..BUT… knee swelled up bad after the run and kept swelling and hurting every time I ran after that. So I got my knee evaluated and lo and behold….I tore my medial meniscus which required surgery to repair. So I wanted to get rehabbed and I knew right where to go : Integra PT. I saw my main man, Erik Bork, for my knee rehab which went great and he worked my knee back into shape so that it is now 110% fixed. The therapy went so well that I stayed at it and Erik helped me lose 15 pounds and got me back to the weight I was when I got married 20 years ago. Then Erik helped me train so that I got within 15 seconds of running a 6 minute mile. I’m sure if I had asked Erik to make me “more powerful than a locomotive” or “able to leap tall buildings in a single bound” he would have been able to get me there too. I can’t thank Erik enough. INTEGRA PT: Nothing but swag.

David Waters

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Integra Physical Therapy & Personal Training

NC Intro - If you're looking to get started with an exercise program or you have been away for awhile, this is a great starter package.

1-30 minute training evaluation with a licensed physical therapist. $75 value

2-45 minute personal training sessions.

$100 value

Cost $49.00

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