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I would like to take this opportunity to personally recommend the services of Integra Physical Therapy, more specifically Erik Bork, lead physical therapist and owner.  I have been struggling with a pinched nerve caused by bulging discs in my lower back for the past two years.  Several of my friends strongly recommended Erik’s services.  However, I was skeptical about positive results based upon prior services received from an outpatient physical therapist.  During that time, my pain had not been reduced and my mobility, energy and hope remained low.  So, I abandoned the non-invasive intervention idea and scheduled surgery for July 2014. My friends again intervened and encouraged me to give physical therapy one last chance before undergoing a surgical procedure.  I am very glad that I listened to theiradvice.  Erik’s compassion and care exceeded my expectations, and I canceled my surgery. From the moment I met Erik, I was impressed.  He carefully listened as I described my symptoms and the effect this condition had on my quality of life.  He then evaluated my range of motion and body mechanics and designed a customized program of both manual therapy and exercise congruent with my needs.  Within a matter of weeks, I was able to cut my pain medication in more than half and felt my strength, balance and energy levels improve.  I still have some nerve discomfort, but the overall results in such a short period of time have been astonishing.  I am able to participate in the other forms of exercise that I enjoy (tennis, walking, yoga, Zumba,swimming) that I could not do previous to Integra Physical Therapy.  Not only does Erik combine his knowledge with an empathetic approach, he consistently displays a positive attitude in order to keep me on track, especially during difficult exercises.  Having experienced other forms of rehab for my condition, I can personally attest to the importance of a therapist’s kindness, personability and competence in their field.  The journey of rehabilitation is rewarding but it can include pain and lots of frustration.  Erik is helping me reach my goals for function, health and wellness while keeping me motivated during the process. In my opinion, Erik has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, integrity, respect and skill.   Above all else, he has shown that he puts his clients’ needs above his own self-interest.  In my case, he acted as my advocate with the insurance company to increase my physical therapy visits, and he even offered appointments on a holiday to maintain consistency of care.  I sincerely commend Erik for his commitment to his clients and highly endorse his physical therapy services. 
​   Debbie R

Best decision I made was having Stef and Jeramiah share in 24 therapy sessions I had following two surgeries. They were professional, knowledgeable, caring, and made a big difference in what turned out to be a rapid recovery from neck and back surgery. After that I started a personal training regimen with Jason O. That was the second best decision I made as I am in a regular routine of training and it too has helped continue my recovery and has made me much stronger and fit. Intergra has great resources, great people, and clean, fun environment to work out.  I plan on training indefinitely with Jason on a regular schedule. 

Mark S

I initially started as a client at Integra 8 years ago both as a training and physical therapy client due to issues with my low back and neck.  Cervical fusion surgery was in myfuture not as in “if” but as a “when” but we worked hard to keep me strong, to reduce my pain and keep me moving. Despite all of our work, I eventually had fusion surgery on my cervical spine.  The surgery was successful but left me initially with some difficult complications.  Without the help and support of Jeremiah Weber and Erik Bork I truly can tell you that my recovery would have been much slower and, quite possibly, less successful.  I was in a great deal of pain and had limited use of one of my arms.  The surgeon correctly assured me that the nerves would heal and that I would have full use of my arm again. He was not convinced that PT would help me at that point and that I just needed to wait to recover.  Thankfully I am stubborn and headstrong and that I listened to my gut and started PT as soon as I could.  Jeremiah and Erik worked tirelessly and patiently with me to reduce my pain and increase my range of motion and to keep me sane.  Their compassion, intellectual curiosity and professional competence set me on the road to recovery.  I am proud to say that I graduated from PT to personal training but still rely on Jeremiah to keep my neck and shoulders and other aging body parts in proper working order. I recently added dry needling to my therapy routine with terrific success.  I would recommend the Integra Physical Therapy and Training team to anyone and everyone.  It was and continues to be a life changer for me.

Cathy R

 knee pain

I have undergone numerous abdominal surgeries and, up until my last surgery, have never been to a physical therapist as part of my recovery. I wish I would have known about the benefits of working with a physical therapist after my first surgery because I suffered so many unnecessary setbacks that could have been prevented had I included physical therapy as part of my post surgery treatment. Working with Jeremiah Weber at Integra Physical Therapy and Personal Training after my last surgery dramatically reduced the pain I was experiencing and therefore helped to expedite my recovery. I give Jeremiah Weber my highest recommendation - he is an outstanding Physical Therapist who really cares about his patients. Integra’s facilities are very clean and have state of the art equipment to meet all of their clients’ needs.

Kelly H

Integra Physical Therapy & Personal Training

I have been a client of Integra since they opened in 2004. I started out as a physical therapy patient received excellent care from the physical therapy staff . My physical therapy evolved into personal training. I have had the opportunity to train with all the trainers at Integra and appreciate their expertise and helpfulness. I love the fact that if I do have an injury or area of concern, the trainers and physical therapists work hand in hand to develop the best action plan for you. I have had great personal success over the years accomplishing my many goals with the support if the Integra staff. The staff at Integra is wonderful and the people working out are very friendly which makes for a motivating and fun environment.

Wendy G

I started using a personal trainer at Integra to maintain the progress I had achieved using Integra's physical therapy. I was not a believer in personal trainers since I felt like I should be able to exercise on my own. I was so wrong. The benefits I have received from the personal training are huge! I got in shape with a minimal time commitment because no time is wasted in my session. All of the exercises are specifically tailored to reach my goals. I am much more productive when someone is coaching me and the regular appointments force me to make my health a priority. All of my health concerns have improved in a year and it's fun! My family knows that I don't like to spend money but this is a wise investment.

Julie W